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Apr 23, 2022
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Decision - Loyalty . WHY . Precisely the coincidence of Audience Phone Number List Journey and Customer Journey creates an interesting bridge for the analysis of the reasons for choice that may be common in the two processes. This is why TV and its contents can become, even more, a crucial lever for the promotion of Phone Number List brands. Digital advances, but television firmly maintains dominance among the media, absorbing Phone Number List much of the advertising investment and time spent by users. How does the customer Phone Number List experience change now that there are so many platforms and control is increasingly in the hands of the end user? And how to track the TV Customer Journey? Here are the aspects to consider 02 Nov 2017 Guido Confalonieri, strategic marketing director, Publitalia Television remains firmly at the center Phone Number List of the Italian media panorama, thanks to the richness of its contents. If we look at the figures, we must be Phone Number List amazed. In 2016, the average daily TV data were as follows: individual reach 73% ; time spent 239 minutes per individual source Auditel. Considering 14 hours between Phone Number List rest and daily occupations, it means that each of us dedicates 40% of our "residual" time to TV. The equivalent of 10.5 billion cumulative minutes viewed through the main screen every day . Faced with these figures, it is not surprising that two thirds of the advertising investment turns into Phone Number List commercial. Index of topics Television and digital User Experience and content choices Television and digital The digitization process also has important effects for TV. Thanks to Phone Number List increasingly performing networks and devices , we are witnessing a double path: the TV contents that come out of the main screen.


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